How We Help

To be accepted into a transplant program, out-of-town patients must commit to staying within 60 miles of the transplant hospital before, during, and after their transplant. Already overwhelmed by the high cost of their medical care, many patients and their caregivers face the additional financial burden of temporary lodging in an unfamiliar city, for months, away from their jobs and loved ones.

Alex Wilson Lodging provides affordable temporary housing for traveling transplant patients, so they can get the surgeries and aftercare they need to survive.

A Dallas-based nonprofit organization founded by members of a transplant team, we assist out-of-town patients with residential expenses before, during, and after an organ transplant. With support from generous donors like you, we help provide affordable, comfortable, temporary housing for patients who live more than 60 miles to Dallas for transplant care, giving them easy access to their home hospital throughout the transplant process.